actually surprising

I am surprised more Dems aren't higher on the list. The weighting is probably the difference. The things I care about are still the bread-and-supposed-butter of the GOP - whether or not they actually follow through (i.e. small govt). Fiscally conservative, socially liberal, indeed.

64% Tom Tancredo
59% Mike Huckabee
56% Ron Paul
55% Chris Dodd
54% Rudy Giuliani
52% Bill Richardson
52% Mitt Romney
52% John McCain
52% Fred Thompson
51% Hillary Clinton
50% John Edwards
47% Barack Obama
47% Joe Biden
47% Mike Gravel
39% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

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bass ackwards

Because my shiny new laptop has an easier-to-access headphone port, I am currently listening to the music on my desktop via my laptop, while sitting at my desk, working on said desktop. Lame.

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Happy New Year! now buy new shit to replace the thieved items!

So, just back from a week in Nashville (had mucho fun, got the blessing from dad). Got home at 1:30am, to an open apt, and ransacked shit.

They only got some jewelry (more sentimental than expensive), our DVDs (<50, but still ~$600+), and an unused, but OK PDA (h2200). We have renters insurance, so that's fine. But, they also got our mailbox key, and HD's SS card - not good. Already hit the bank, credit bureau, SS office, etc.

Not a good deal, when I leave at midnight for work, and she has to be home alone most the night.

Ruined a good vacation....

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fsck you, pay me!

Suck It!
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Yeah, DDP paid out. Well, it was this or about double this through a court-enforcement, so I let them off easy. But, they did already pay out $2300 in overnight shipping charges for all the crap they left with me. Ha ha, they suck so bad. Oh, and I'm getting some new tires! Woo Hoo!

And HD may be getting some new jewelery.... ;^)


f*ck you, pay me!

So, had a little Labor Board hearing, regarding DDP's refusal to pay out my vacation time and expenses.

I won.


Imagine that.


DDP sucks,
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